Share local information 
and personal daily life
with foreigners 
in the desired region

Doongle is currently a social media platform with the ability to make friends, post, send messages and gifts as its main features.

When a new user signs up, he or she selects a major interest, and the service is driven mainly by posting the appropriate theme.

Communicate in real time, present and sponsor

Through the activities of users within Doongle, members with similar interests meet naturally, and members can communicate and interact freely with automated translation functions, enabling global-scale networking. 

n particular, in addition to simple communication, functions such as gift giving and point giving contribute to the formation of closer relationships.

location-based communication

Real-time location-based communication function enables communication for various accommodations, restaurants, games, and cultures.

Since information, news, and promotion are also easy to share, many businesses and private businesses are expected to participate, and we are planning to promote them through influencer and models.